Thursday, February 9, 2012

saturday 7 a.m.

 last saturday we ran right by the river, under the bridge.  i wanted to stop and just gape for a bit.

 then past longworth hall.  it's a place i'd like to visit.  what's inside?
 then through the downtown streets.
and past this entrance to what was a department store. 
then it started to rain.  i put my camera in my pocket and just ran the rest of the way.  
a joy.  what's beautiful where you are?


  1. You are sooo sweet!! I'm well, just busy:)) hope your having a great week! Brooke

  2. I love the movement in a couple of your photos. Most days, when my son goes to school, I ride the bike with the kids in a bike trailer in the back. I'm prone to put my head down and just pedal. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths of the brisk air, look at the sunlight in the trees, and gawk at all the beautiful architecture of our neighborhood homes. You're so good at taking notice of your surroundings, N. So good.

  3. I wish more bloggers posted more pics of where they live and just everyday life. I'm a little tired of posey and or pinterest pics! Original content is much more appealing and creative. Teri

  4. I agree with Teri every day you take me on a walk through your neighbourhood (well I'm walking you're running)and it's always lovely. What's beautiful where I am? Well it's raining AGAIN and through my window I'm watching a Kookaburra on the fence trying to shake off the raindrops and a kangaroo in the paddock behind our house bunking down in the grass to try to avoid getting too wet.

  5. I love the design of the former department store. Art Deco? maybe? It's really beautiful.

  6. I would bet money you are the only one who carries a camera and stops in mid stride to take photos! Margie


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