Sunday, February 12, 2012

monday colors

in cincinnati, it's cold with a bit of snow, but in my blog's corner of the world, this week we're on summer break.  it's time to relax and enjoy the colors of summer, courtesy of franklin park conservatory in columbus, ohio.  here it's warm, and chihuly's brilliant-colored glass is found everywhere - even in the koi pond.  no sunscreen required.  what's new where you are?  


  1. Dearest sweet noreen, gorgeous color inspiration! What's new over at my side? hmmm probly my new doll i treated myself to for my birthday. :) Have a lovely merry happy Valentine's week and love to you!

  2. A little rain at the beach over the weekend. We are in Vegas for a few days and it's actually gorgeous here! Mornings and evenings brisk, which I like!
    Hope you have a great Monday and start to your week! Teri

  3. A bit chilly in new york (which is ok, time to finally feel like winter ,,,, I was actually starting to miss it). Now, waiting for snow so I can make my snowman ... actually this year we r aiming to make snow penquins :) Happy Monday!!!!

  4. Beautiful day here with sunshine. I know you are enjoying your time off my friend. Wonderful!

  5. warm and inviting! new in my world: my shy 5yo now wants to catch the bus to and from school everyday. because, as she reminded me; she is "a big girl now"!
    have a lovely week xxx


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