Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 do you have a teenager?  
ours is like a shadow in the house - she's so busy playing sports and skiing and doing homework.  we enjoy her company when she's home, but then she's
rolling off to other adventures!


  1. One day my time will come, and I fear all too soon. Everyone warns that the time flies and, before you know it, the kids are grown and doing their own thing.
    PS~Thank you for getting back to me regarding Harry Potter. Since I pulled the book off the shelf, my son had it prominently displayed on his dresser. As soon as I got your message, I put it back on the bookshelf and told him that we'll save it for later.

  2. I don't have them. They are interesting creatures though aren't they. I'm pretty sure I don't understand them, but I'm sure yours is lovely ; )

  3. Hi Noreen, I've got two of them 18 & 13 so we have some pretty wild times in our house! But like you said the 18 year old is like a shadow in the house, nice to spend time with them when you can.

  4. Love these pictures. Did your daughter take the shadow one? It's sweet to see how you enjoy your daughter when she's with you, and are happy for her when she's out adventuring. That seems like a good perspective.
    P.S. - I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We've just all been sick, and I'm too busy with laundry and basic life to do much else. I have done some "lurking" on your blog each day, though. :)

  5. love love your shadow picture.....I have one myself but he lives in Canada he is going to 18 soon to be exactly to soon for me. I am glad I still have my 2 little ones.

    Regards Val

  6. Noreen, i wonder if teenager-dom comes earlier than when we were kids. My son is 12 and has felt like he was living the life of a teenager since he was 10... Yes, enjoy the times that you spend together!

  7. I remember those days with great affection. Very busy, but I loved my kids as teens. Enjoy as it goes fast my friend. xx

  8. Great photos:)) It's hard for me to imagine this stage..:) I'm no where near it and yet I feel like it will be here before I know it.

  9. @theresa - it does come quickly, but we can just enjoy each day!
    @teri - you understand them, and then they change again. it's a learning process.
    @catherine - 18 will come quickly here, too. driving is the next thing!
    @heidi - kate took both pictures. she also took some of her friends leaping down the hill - leaping! they had bruises. so funny.
    @val - too soon. yes.
    @leah - tv and videos make it come faster - you think?
    @margie - i will, thanks for the reminder!
    @brooke - no rush. enjoy those little ones!

  10. Oh Noreen, I miss those high school days of my daughter's busy adventures and shadowy existence in our house so much. Better a shadow, 'cause the next step is out the door and it comes way too quickly! Enjoy every moment, as challenging as they might be :).

  11. I have an almost-teen. Life can be such a struggle for him these days. I love it that your daughter is taking photos, and I love how you honor this important time in her life. xo


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