Friday, February 10, 2012

summer break

 let's take a little break from winter today.  
 it's lovely, but we need a some color about now.  
 you can take a deep breath and relax.  
 remember sunscreen and taking the kids swimming?  aah.  send some summer memories (or, if you are in australia, just describe your view and tell us what temperature it is.)  a happy and healthy weekend to you.


  1. Cute idea! Works for me. We got several inches last night. Not complaining . It's been an easy winter thus far.

  2. Coming from Australia I should be describing long hot days at the beach, however, for some reason this summer has been a dismal disappointment. Lots of rain and quite chilly a lot of the time. We haven't had nearly as many bbq's, or dinners on the beach as we normally do. Presently it's 17 degrees celsius ( 62.6 Fahrenheit) it's supposed to get to 27 C (80.6 F). Normally we be expecting most days over 30C (86 F). The sun is shining. It's early 6.58 am on Sunday morning so all is quiet with the children still asleep. There's cows munching grass behind our house (we live in suburbia but our back neighbour still has 100 acres so we get to enjoy a rural aspect until he decides to subdivide it). The birds are making a ruckus and I'm about to head to the back deck for my morning coffee. Have a great day everyone.

  3. Being from Melbourne Australia, today was suprisingly chilly for summer. I'm looking out at the backyard with green grass, a lemon and apple tree with a trampoline in front of them that the kids have enjoyed jumping on for years. Don't worry when summer finally rolls around for you it'll be our turn to freeze our buns off!!!

  4. I love this summer break idea. I imagine the Midwest and the Northeast could use a bit of a break right now. Your post is really making me crave summer months right now. Yes, swimming and sunscreen...Long days and yummy fruit. Ahh...


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